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Redmond O’Brien

Redmond O'Brien





251 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 900
Ottawa ON  K1P 5J6







More about Redmond O'Brien

I am fluently bilingual in English and French and practice exclusively in Family Law. Through my practice, I have advised and worked on all sorts of issues that arise in Family Law matters, including care of the children, financial support for the children, financial support for the parents or other caregivers, dealing with the home and assets (pensions, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, employment benefits, insurance benefits), having a home sold to distribute the equity therein, determining with accuracy the complete finances of the parents or other caregivers, creating and concluding separation agreements, applying for divorce, having the Office of the Children’s Lawyer involved, and going to court for remedies for urgent issues.

I consider myself very solution-oriented and adaptable, and I try to be logical and practical in assisting with any Family Law matter, including for individuals engaged in the Collaborative Family Law method of alternative dispute resolution.

I believe in Collaborative Family Law as a very effective way of addressing Family Law matters. Your lawyer – although he or she is only your lawyer and not the lawyer for the other party – is actually trying to achieve a settlement of your matter. Your lawyer, the other lawyer, and you and the other party have discussions at various points to try to work towards a comprehensive solution, in the form of a settlement agreement. Financial and Family Relations specialists provide their expertise. Everyone is pushed, and yet supported, to try to reach a settlement. The goal is a solution, there is no independent decision-maker, and you have all of the experts necessary to advise you along the way and yet still be facilitative.

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