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Melissa Lafreniere





304-2249 Carling Ave
Ottawa ON  K2B 7E9







More about Melissa Lafreniere

Melissa Lafreniere, MA, RP, RHN, is a registered psychotherapist and registered Circle of Security-Parenting facilitator practicing in Ottawa ON. She has been supporting youth and families since 1999 and has worked in a variety of clinical settings including crisis services and community-based counselling programs across Canada and the United States.

Currently, Melissa supports children, individuals and families who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and strained family relationships related to divorce and separation. She lends her counselling skills and crisis experience to clients and families who are navigating life transitions as well as specializes in child and adolescent mood/behavior challenges. Melissa supports clients by using integrated approaches to treatment and practices from a collaborative and attachment-based framework.

Melissa offers the following services:

  • Neutral Family Relationship Specialist – assists families through the challenges of separation.
  • Child Specialist – assumes the voice of the child in divorce and separation cases, offers parenting support as well as provides assessment and recommendations for parenting plans
  • Psychotherapy for child, family and individuals experiencing divorce and separation difficulties

Melissa brings her many years of experience of supporting children and families to the collaborative process and believes that when everyone works together to resolve conflict, people are in a much better position to create happiness in their life.

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