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Marie-Hélène Godbout

Marie-Hélène Godbout



Grandmaitre Virgo Evans Professional Corporation


2628 St. Joseph Blvd.
Ottawa ON  K1C 1G3



613-837-1010 Ext. 250




More about Marie-Hélène Godbout

Marie-Hélène Godbout has been a lawyer since 1998. Marie-Hélène guides her clients through a difficult passage in their life by resorting to non-court oriented alternatives such as mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law.

Marie-Hélène is a recognized lawyer, mediator and collaborative family law lawyer in the city of Ottawa who is fluent, very capable, and committed to servicing her clientele in both official languages.

Although an experienced litigator, the focus of Marie-Hélène’s practice is on achieving fair and comfortable settlements for her clients without having to live the court experience. This focus mirrors the goal of the Collaborative Family Law (CFL) process.

In this process Marie-Hélène guides, advises and advocates on your behalf, seeing you through the emotionally difficult, delicate and challenging task of restructuring your family in a respectful, dignified and co-operative manner.

Collaborative family law represents an important component of Marie-Hélène’s established and reputable legal and alternate dispute resolution practice. This novice approach presents a creative, logical, practical and cost-effective opportunity for people to truly take charge and direct their divorce and separation experience.

Although it may be necessary to proceed to court in certain situations, Marie-Hélène is a firm believer that the majority of matters can be dealt with through alternative dispute resolution processes such as the CFL experience.

Marie-Hélène invites you to contact her to learn more about this collaborative process and how it can be the solution for you.

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