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The rapidly evolving pandemic has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While all of the members of the Collaborative Practice Ottawa group still aim to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our services to adhere to public safety protocols, including holding virtual meetings using various secure, web-based videoconferencing platforms.

What Is Collaborative Family Law?

Not every divorce or separation needs to be battled in court.

Collaborative family law (also known as collaborative practice) matches each separating partner with a collaborative family lawyer, so you can work together to resolve your legal issues outside of a courtroom in a safe, neutral space. The Collaborative Practice Ottawa network includes other collaborative professionals such as financial specialists and family relations professionals.

Are you ready to begin a voluntary, collaborative process that puts you and your family’s legal, financial and emotional needs first?

Why Collaborative Family Law?

Separation or divorce can feel devastating, painful, exhausting, or in some cases, even liberating.

No matter the emotional impact, there will be legal and financial changes to overcome. Decisions to make. Papers to sign. Numbers to crunch. Assets to divide.

Even if the split is amicable, legal oversights and financial miscalculations could lead to unforeseen obstacles, pressures and costs that could have a profound effect on your future—not only in the months to come, but for years to come. Getting the right advice can help protect you, your partner, your children, your pets, and all the things in life you value most.

Are you ready to empower yourself?

Is It Affordable?

Our experience suggests that you are very likely to spend less by choosing a collaborative team than you would by pursuing a traditional divorce through the courts.

By choosing collaboration, you avoid expensive litigation and high court costs. You won’t have to pay your lawyer to stand in front of a judge trying to convince the court that you are right and your separating partner is wrong.

Instead, you and your collaborative team will focus on solving the problems that matter to you. You’ll be finding a more peaceful, respectful resolution for your particular situation. This extends not only to your legal rights, but also your financial health, emotional well-being, and future lifestyle.

Think of the money, hours and heavy layers of stress you’ll save by choosing a more collaborative approach.

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