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16 Jan 2019
Clean Break - Professional Divorce Advice
Episode 17: Collaborative Law with Jim Jeffcott
Episode 17: Collaborative Law with Jim Jeffcott

17 May 2016
Collaborative Practice Ottawa on EntreNous

27 Nov 2015
Family Dispute Resolution Forum
Councillors Lounge, Ottawa City Hall

14 Aug 2015

Consciously uncoupling: Divorce Ottawa style

Ottawa South News
By Erin McCracken

When actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin announced last year they were “consciously uncoupling,” Ottawa couples took note of the Hollywood's A-list couple’s drama-free approach to dissolving their union outside of a courtroom.


14 Oct 2013
Collaborative Practice Ottawa - Addressing High Conflict Situations in Collaborative Practices. The panel includes Jim Jeffcott, Chris Arnold, Joyce Owen and Bill Eddy

31 Mar 2015
Collaborative Practice Ottawa financial planner, Carol Laidlaw discusses the importance of financial planning during your divorce.

Welcome to Collaborative Practice Ottawa

We specialize in resolving family separations with mutual respect and dignity.

Collaborative Practice, also known as Collaborative Family Law, is a process that helps couples bring a peaceful and equitable conclusion to their relationship without resorting to the court system.

Collaborative Practice addresses the practical and emotional aspects of ending a relationship through the related fields of law, finance, and family counselling. We take a holistic approach that considers all aspects of separation to minimize the stress for everyone.

The Collaborative Family Law concept was designed as an alternative to adversarial litigation that forces non-combative couples into a confrontational process. We believe a legal system based on conflict with “winners” and “losers” is unnecessary and unproductive for many separating couples.

Specially trained professional team

Collaborative Practice allows spouses to choose their own legal counsel, with the option to integrate financial and family relations professionals into the team. Every member of Collaborative Practice Ottawa that works as part of a negotiating team is specially trained and certified in collaborative negotiations. Our lawyers, financial professionals, and family relations counsellors work together where required to help separating couples maintain productive discussions in a safe, cooperative environment.

Related Services

In addition to legal, financial, and family relations professionals selected by clients to assist as part of the negotiating team, other professionals that are available to provide both the clients and the team with related and ancillary services, such as individual counsellors, coaches, mediators, parenting coordinators, appraisers, business valuators, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents. These related professionals are familiar with Collaborative Practice and the principles of our group. So if the negotiating team needs some special expertise or individual professional assistance, we have the resources to meet those needs.

Proven process attracts international acclaim

Collaborative Practice was created by groups of lawyers, family relations specialists, and financial analysts in North America to offer separating couples a better process for resolving legal, financial, and parenting issues. Collaborative Practice has been embraced internationally as a better way to negotiate a separation agreement without the stress and conflict of traditional litigation.

Collaborative Practice is a customized, affordable alternative to litigation and mediation that provides the essential tools for separating couples. We offer a non-confrontational, cooperative, and efficient process that meets the needs of your family — especially if you will be co-parenting children. If you and your spouse want to separate without malice, please explore our website to see if Collaborative Practice is right for you.

Choose your team from our roster

Collaborative Practice Ottawa offers you a roster of experienced and specially trained collaborative lawyers, financial professionals and family relations counsellors, as well as related services. We help bring your separation to a dignified resolution so you, your spouse, and your family can move forward to enjoy a productive and satisfying future.

You are welcome to send questions and comments to any of the Collaborative Professionals on our member list. Click here to see the roster of Collaborative Practice Ottawa professionals. For general inquiries, email the President of Collaborative Practice Ottawa, James W. Jeffcott, at or telephone 613-768-5409.